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Emergency ID tags for kids on the go

For kids car seats, backpacks, lunch bags, jackets, shoes and more.

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What happens if children are in the care of another when the very first occurrence of an allergy - food related or other - strikes? Or similarly, what happens in an emergency situation if a parent gets into a car accident with a young child in a car seat and the child can not communicate on their own, at the very least, to identify him or herself? Or even worse, what if a child becomes separated from an adult?


These very real scenarios happen more often then we care to believe.


Mom invented Kid-e Tags quickly relay vital information to an adult, caregiver or medical personal in an emergency situation. They are for children of all ages, and not just for those with a medical condition or allergy. These specially developed tags are the perfect solution for general ID of your child's stuff or when going on a school field trip to parks or anywhere a child might get lost.


Kid-e Tags are versatile, durable, water-proof and attach to any and all of your child's belongings.

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